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It’s alive!

Pushed the button this morning on this, my new website. It’s amazing where technology currently is. When I started out as a graphic designer a site with this backend functionality would have cost a few thousand dollars. Now, the cost is measured in tens of dollars…per month.

I hope to use this site to update and showcase my work on a more frequent basis. As for this blog, I aim to feature many of the interesting visual things that catch my interest as I drive, stroll, skate, and surf through life.

Fav Finds #1

This photo, from the U.S. National Archives has long fascinated me. Perhaps I first came across it many years ago when I was involved with a basketball website and was looking for some cool public domain images to use. Regardless, I’ve gone back to this photo for a various uses. Most recently I used it as the basis for an encaustic mixed-media art piece I did. One thing that occurred to me when posting this pic today is that probably everything in that photo may be gone. Comiskey Park, the stadium you see in the background has been demolished. I am going to guess those apartments have been knocked down too. And it is certainly possible everyone in the photo has passed away too.

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