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Graphic Design Inspiration #5

A big feature of growing up in Toronto were trips down to the grounds of the Canadian National Exhibition. Going there meant fun; you were either going to Ontario Place or the “Ex’, going to see the Blue Jays and Argonauts at Exhibition Stadium, or maybe the Royal Winter Fair and the many other shows held on the grounds. Travelling there meant taking the subway to Bathurst station then hoping on the streetcar that went down Bathurst Street to the lakeshore. Taking this route, as I did many, many times meant you would pass one of the great signs in Toronto: the rotating Penaten Cream sign. The sign, which was essentially the circular lid of the can of the cream (see below)  hung over the door way of a corner pharmacy at Bathurst and Dundas streets.

Sadly it is now gone.

But I can’t help but wonder if seeing the ‘Penaten’ word mark so many times somehow imprinted on me a love for a classic sans-serif font.

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