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Graphic Design Help

I would imagine anybody with a trade, a craft, a specialty feels this: the power of helping those who need your skills but cannot afford them.

I guess that is the power of empowerment. 

A short while ago I did a business card for Abed. Who is Abed? He is a Syrian refugee. A father of three, Abed and his family arrived in Canada last year after three years of upheaval and uncertainty. Three years of struggle and stress that most of us on this continent have no understanding of. He was a photographer back home. Needless to say, his equipment and portfolio did not come along with him. I was asked if I could put a business card together for him to better help him make a go it in Arnprior, where him and his family have been supported and accepted.

Other than being an excuse to showcase my favourite colour combo, this post isn’t about me. It’s just a small, small reminder that we are all pretty lucky in this part of the world and there are those who need a portion of our fortune and lucky. 

And if you need a photographer, give this guy a call.

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