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Back in 1999 when I was taking Interactive Multimedia at Algonquin College we had various design guidelines to follow when designing a website. One of which was that the total size of all of all the graphics on any single page should not exceed…250kb.


To carry our work most in the class had a portable Zip drive (see below) that stored 100mb of files.

Sometimes it just boggles my mind how technology has changed and broken down so many barriers.

For instance, consider this website: It is built and configured using available templates at It costs me $19.99 per month. Ten years ago this simply would not have been available to me. To have this site created would have easily approached $10,000. And that would not have included the 24/7 support!

Eliminating barriers is empowerment. It enables most anyone to communicate and reach an audience. And while some in the design and programming fields may bemoan how technology has muted the need for their skills, I see another side of that. The more people that are need things to market, sell, promote, the better.

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