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Brand - extension

One thing I have learned as a graphic designer over the years is how flexible ‘branding’ is.

What branding is for Adidas is not what it is for the corner store. The same basic rules apply but how these rules are used are very different.

For instance, a common quip among creative professionals is that a brand is more than a logo. That’s true, for Adidas. But for many, such as a consultant with the home office, their logo is the primary and most important touchpoint of their brand.

For brands as pervasive as Adidas, we are long past making a snap, sub-conscious decision based upon first impression glance of their logo. But for that consultant, who is trying to land a contract, that first impression is indeed vitally important. For the consultant there is no signage, no interior design, no packaging, no counter space to help reinforce their brand. Their brand is, to a large degree, determined by the scope of their business.

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