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Graphic Design Inspiration #8

I love writing these graphic design inspiration posts. Thinking about what has inspired me as a graphic designer is a fun trip in the nostalgia time machine.

This morning I am recalling the impact of the covers of Sports Illustrated. Each week a new issue was on the newsstands and each week I was captivated by the blend of the photography, the fonts of masthead and subheads and how these elements were used together.

When you look at these covers below you can easily see a connection between these ‘hero images’ of the newsstands with those we see so often on websites today.

On a personal note, the ‘No. 1 North Carolina’ cover remains my favourite SI cover of all time. At the time, the North Carolina blue seemed so uniquely representative of college sports and America to me, a young sports fan in 1983. Today, looking at it, looking at a young Michael Jordan, it just seems innocent and true. In 2017 we know all the warts of collegiate sports, back then everything was like that blue. Just fun and pure.

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