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40% inspiration + 40% perspiration + 20% caffeine.

With excitement

I am aiming to hit everything out of the park. Approach me with the most modest of projects and my goal is to take the opportunity and make it great. Now, it doesn't always work out that way as budget, time-lines, feedback from the client's spouse, etc., etc., can sometimes through a creative curve ball. Nonetheless, I am swinging for the fences as soon as I start talking to you.

With gratitude

Wait, you mean people will pay me to design cool graphics and write witty taglines while listening to loud music as I sip on a hot latte with a runny butter tart on the plate beside me?  Sign me up! 

Seriously, thanks for the opportunity. No, I am not playing in the NHL, but I think I got a pretty sweet gig going on here all the same.

With coffee

Everything you see here has been created with coffee at some stage of the design. Whether it is at a first brainstorming meeting with a client or a late night session in the studio buzzing with creative impulses, coffee fuels this creative engine.  So let's put the kettle on and get to work.

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