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Working with Allen...three things to know:

1. It's just me.

If you are looking for a studio full of designers, creative directors and account execs, don't look here. It's just me. I am the only one working on your job. And that's to your benefit because if you need to talk to anyone, you just have to talk to me.

2. Errr...actually, it's you and me.

I can't take credit for the work here, I have to share it with my clients. You see, it's all about collaboration. Everything created here is a result of my graphic design skills blending with your experience and knowledge.

3. We'll keep it simple.

I like to simplify things. If we ignore all the design-speak and marketing-lingo, graphic design is about one clear and simple truth: creating an image that communicates.  So let's talk, see what we can create, so you can communicate.

Oh, and if you want to see a little bit about what I do away from the desk, here's my Instagram feed:


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